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The Revista de Estudios Hispánicos has received a grade of A+ from the Australian Research Council ranking of research journals.   Revista de Estudios Hispánicos Bulletin Marcel Proust marcel.jpg Media Root Since 1950, the Bulletin Marcel Proust has been the yearly publication of the Société des Amis de Marcel Proust et des Amis de Combray, a French organization devoted to the study of Marcel Proust and his works. It contains letters, documents, articles, book reviews, and a bibliography.   Bulletin Marcel Proust the faculty bookshelfPoetics of Race in Latin America Edited By Mabel MorañaPoetics of Race constitutes a critically and theoretically innovative analysis of racial and ethnic dynamics in Latin America, and their symbolic – artistic, ideological – representation. The book illustrates the relevance of cultural and racial minorities in different national contexts (particularly in Mexico, Brazil, the Andean region and the Caribbean) through the study of literary, filmic and visual productions that depict otherness, marginalization and popular resistance. The book focuses on negritude, indigenous cultures, andinismo, performance and cinematic discourses in which racial issues are displayed, elaborated and symbolized. The various critical approaches utilized in this volume also contribute to expand methodological horizons in the field while contributing to widening the corpus of literary texts and cultural practices in this area of studies. Sovereign Joy: Afro-Mexican Kings and Queens, 1539-1640 By Miguel A. ValerioSovereign Joy explores the performance of festive black kings and queens among Afro-Mexicans between 1539 and 1640. This fascinating study illustrates how the first African and Afro-creole people in colonial Mexico transformed their ancestral culture into a shared identity among Afro-Mexicans, with particular focus on how public festival participation expressed their culture and subjectivities, as well as redefined their colonial condition and social standing. By analyzing this hitherto understudied aspect of Afro-Mexican Catholic confraternities in both literary texts and visual culture, Miguel A. Valerio teases out the deeply ambivalent and contradictory meanings behind these public processions and festivities that often re-inscribed structures of race and hierarchy. Were they markers of Catholic subjecthood, and what sort of corporate structures did they create to project standing and respectability? Sovereign Joy examines many of these possibilities, and in the process highlights the central place occupied by Africans and their descendants in colonial culture. Through performance, Afro-Mexicans affirmed their being: the sovereignty of joy, and the joy of sovereignty. Cambridge University PressIndigenous and Black Confraternities in Colonial Latin America By Miguel ValerioEmploying a transregional and interdisciplinary approach, this volume explores indigenous and black confraternities –or lay Catholic brotherhoods– founded in colonial Spanish America and Brazil between the sixteenth and eighteenth century. It presents a varied group of cases of religious confraternities founded by subaltern subjects, both in rural and urban spaces of colonial Latin America, to understand the dynamics and relations between the peripheral and central areas of colonial society, underlying the ways in which colonialized subjects navigated the colonial domain with forms of social organization and cultural and religious practices. The book analyzes indigenous and black confraternal cultural practices as forms of negotiation and resistance shaped by local devotional identities that also transgressed imperial religious and racial hierarchies. The analysis of these practices explores the intersections between ethnic identity and ritual devotion, as well as how the establishment of black and indigenous religious confraternities carried the potential to subvert colonial discourse. Amsterdam University Press"Nosotros, los bárbaros”: Tres narradores mexicanos en el siglo XXI By Mabel Moraña Encabezado por la frase que resume una de las obras aquí analizadas, “Nosotros, los bárbaros” penetra y contrasta la producción narrativa de tres de los más representativos exponentes de la literatura mexicana actual como pre-textos que permiten sondear los imaginarios colectivos. Toda la obra hasta ahora publicada de Yuri Herrera, Fernanda Melchor y Valeria Luiselli es interrogada desde múltiples perspectivas estético ideológicas, tratando de determinar la manera en que cada poética aborda la compleja problemática social y política del México contemporáneo. Se estudian en este libro las estrategias de representación simbólica referidas tanto a los agudos conflictos que tienen lugar en el territorio nacional como a los procesos de transnacionalización que se han  acelerado en el mundo globalizado. Incorporando perspectivas de la crítica cultural, la estética y la filosofía, se intenta abordar en este análisis las siguientes preguntas: ¿Qué relación guarda la “alta” cultura con la cultura popular y la industria cultural, con los medios masivos de comunicación y con la tradición nacional? ¿Cómo se redefine “lo político” en la literatura mexicana actual?, ¿Cómo se vinculan poética y conciencia social?, ¿Cómo influye el lugar de enunciación–no solamente geo-cultural sino político ideológico, en la construcción del producto simbólico? y, finalmente, ¿para qué sirve la literatura en tiempos de crisis?   Pensar el cuerpo: historia, materialidad, y simbolo By Mabel MorañaPublisher Herder Editorial shares that Prof. Mabel Moraña's book constituye una incursión transdisciplinaria y multifacética en la densidad del pensamiento occidental sobre lo corporal, a través de las épocas. El libro comprende aspectos estéticos, políticos, filosóficos, sociales y científicos que contribuyen a promover la imagen del cuerpo —y de lo post-humano— como constelación de sentidos, como espectáculo y como plataforma para la implementación de estrategias de control y de goce, de preservación y de castigo, de agresión y de solidaridad comunitaria.   Read more reviews and view the book trailer at Herder Editorial.  Líneas de fuga ciudadanía, frontera y sujeto migrante By Mabel MorañaPublisher Iberoamericana Vervuert shares that Prof. Morana's latest book  on Migration is a good instance of what anthropologists used to call a “total social fact.” Politics and society, culture and economy, law and aesthetics are all traversed by the challenge of migration. Therefore, a panoply of disciplines and perspectives are at work in the study of migration, producing a huge body of knowledge but also a certain sense of fragmentation. The amazing book by Mabel Moraña is quite unique in this respect. While she builds upon a vast number of investigations from several disciplines, Moraña succeeds in providing readers with a tightly integrated framework for the analysis of one of the most challenging questions in our time.  Read more reviews and comments at Iberoamericana Vervuert.  Liquid Borders: Migration as Resistance Edited By Mabel MorañaProf. Mabel Moraña provides a timely and critical analysis of the large-scale migration of people across borders, which has sent shockwaves through the global world order in recent years. In this book, internationally recognized scholars and activists from a variety of fields analyze key issues related to diasporic movements, displacements, exiles, "illegal" migrants, border crossings, deportations, maritime ventures, and the militarization of borders from political, economic, and cultural perspectives. Ambitious in scope, with cases stretching from the Mediterranean to Australia, the US/Mexico border, Venezuela, and deterritorialized sectors in Colombia and Central America, the various contributions are unified around the notion of freedom of movement, and the recognition of the need to think differently about ideas of citizenship and sovereignty around the world. Routledge Press Staging Frontiers: The Making of Modern Popular Culture in Argentina & Uruguay By William Acree Swashbuckling tales of valiant gauchos roaming Argentina and Uruguay were nineteenth-century bestsellers. But when these stories jumped from the page to the circus stage and beyond, their cultural, economic, and political influence revolutionized popular culture and daily life. In this engaging book, William Acree delivers a deep history of Latin American popular entertainment that culminates in a rich exploration of circus culture and dramas that celebrated the countryside. Among the most dominant urban and rural attractions on the eve of the twentieth century, these performances were central to how Argentines, Uruguayans, and immigrants came together across lines of social class, ethnic identity, and race as demographic and economic transformations reshaped everyday experience. Acree offers a revealing portrait of itinerant circus performers and the ways they rubbed shoulders with ranch hands, urban workers, and the upper classes to cheer their heroes and jeer their villains. Ultimately, “Staging Frontiers” tells the story of the surprising and enduring impact leisure and entertainment had on the increasingly expansive marketplace of culture. University of New Mexico Press Unsettling Colonialism Gender and Race in the Nineteenth-Century Global Hispanic World Edited By Akiko TsuchiyaUnsettling Colonialism illuminates the interplay of race and gender in a range of fin-de-siècle Spanish narratives of empire and colonialism, including literary fictions, travel narratives, political treatises, medical discourse, and the visual arts, across the global Hispanic world. By focusing on texts by and about women and foregrounding Spain’s pivotal role in the colonization of the Americas, Africa, and Asia, this book not only breaks new ground in Iberian literary and cultural studies but also significantly broadens the scope of recent debates in postcolonial feminist theory to account for the Spanish empire and its (former) colonies. Organized into three sections: colonialism and women’s migrations; race, performance, and colonial ideologies; and gender and colonialism in literary and political debates, Unsettling Colonialism brings together the work of nine scholars. Given its interdisciplinary approach and accessible style, the book will appeal to both specialists in nineteenth-century Iberian and Latin American studies and a broader audience of scholars in gender, cultural, transatlantic, transpacific, postcolonial, and empire studies. The Decameron Fourth Day in Perspective Edited By Michael SherbergProfessor Michael Sherberg edited The Decameron fourth day in perspective with The University of Toronto Press.  This volume, part of the Lectura Boccacccii series organized by the American Boccaccio Association, offers close readings by top scholars of Day Four of the Decameron. As fans of the Decameron know, the Fourth Day opens with an important intervention in which the author defends his project against his critics, which coincides with a significant change in tone as the subject matter turns to stories with unhappy endings. The contributors approach the stories from a variety of perspectives, including the linguistic, philosophical, anthropological, and literary historical. These fresh readings of stories that are nearly seven hundred years old testify to the enduring power of Boccaccio’s masterpiece to speak to new audiences and to find compelling relevance even at a great distance from its immediate medieval context. The Decameron Fourth Day in Perspective Divining Nature: Aesthetics of Enchantment in Enlightenment France By Tili Boon CuilléThe Enlightenment remains widely associated with the rise of scientific progress and the loss of religious faith, a dual tendency that is thought to have contributed to the disenchantment of the world. In her wide-ranging and richly illustrated book, Tili Boon Cuillé questions the accuracy of this narrative by investigating the fate of the marvelous in the age of reason. Exploring the affinities between the natural sciences and the fine arts, Cuillé examines the representation of natural phenomena—whether harmonious or discordant—in natural history, painting, opera, and the novel from Buffon and Rameau to Ossian and Staël. She demonstrates that philosophical, artistic, and emotional responses to the "spectacle of nature" in eighteenth-century France included wonder, enthusiasm, melancholy, and the "sentiment of divinity." These "passions of the soul," traditionally associated with religion and considered antithetical to enlightenment, were linked to the faculties of reason, imagination, and memory that structured Diderot's Encyclopédie and to contemporary theorizations of the sublime. As Cuillé reveals, the marvelous was not eradicated but instead preserved through the establishment and reform of major French cultural institutions dedicated to science, art, religion, and folklore that were designed to inform, enchant, and persuade. This book has been made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the human endeavor.   Divining Nature Aesthetics of Enchantment in Enlightenment France Mexican Literature in Theory Edited By Ignacio Sánchez PradoMexican Literature in Theory is the first book in any language to engage post-independence Mexican literature from the perspective of current debates in literary and cultural theory. It brings together scholars whose work is defined both by their innovations in the study of Mexican literature and by the theoretical sophistication of their scholarship. Mexican Literature in Theory provides the reader with two contributions. First, it is one of the most complete accounts of Mexican literature available, covering both canonical texts as well as the most important works in contemporary production. Second, each one of the essays is in itself an important contribution to the elucidation of specific texts. Scholars and students in fields such as Latin American studies, comparative literature and literary theory will find in this book compelling readings of literature from a theoretical perspective, methodological suggestions as to how to use current theory in the study of literature, and important debates and revisions of major theoretical works through the lens of Mexican literary works. Bloomsbury El intelectual y la cultura de masas By Javier García-LiendoEl intelectual y la cultura de masas studies the responses of Ángel Rama (Uruguay) and José María Arguedas (Peru) to the effects of mass culture on Andean indigenous cultures and Latin American print culture during the second half of the twentieth century. It explores the part that Rama and Arguedas played in the conceptualization and promotion of new cultural spaces made possible by commodification and industrialization, as capitalism transformed the imaginaries and materialities that had shaped their cultural projects for Andean and Latin American cultures. Purdue University Press Latin American Science Fiction: Theory and Practice Edited By J. Andrew BrownCombining work by critics from Latin America, the USA, and Europe, Latin American Science Fiction: Theory and Practice is the first anthology of articles in English to examine science fiction in all of Latin America, from Mexico and the Caribbean to Brazil and the Southern Cone. Using a variety of sophisticated theoretical approaches, the book explores not merely the development of a science fiction tradition in the region, but more importantly, the intricate ways in which this tradition has engaged with the most important cultural and literary debates of recent year. Palgrave Mapping Migration, Identity, and Space Edited By Tabea Alexa Linhard This interdisciplinary collection of essays focuses on the ways in which movements of people across natural, political, and cultural boundaries shape identities that are inexorably linked to the geographical space that individuals on the move cross, inhabit, and leave behind. As conflicts over identities and space continue to erupt on a regular basis, this book reads the relationship between migration, identity, and space from a fresh and innovative perspective. Palgrave MacMillan Strategic Occidentalism: On Mexican Fiction, the Neoliberal Book Market, and the Question of World Literature By Ignacio Sánchez PradoStrategic Occidentalism examines the transformation, in both aesthetics and infrastructure, of Mexican fiction since the late 1970s. During this time a framework has emerged characterized by the corporatization of publishing, a frictional relationship between Mexican literature and global book markets, and the desire of Mexican writers to break from dominant models of national culture. Northwestern University Press Representing Mental Illness in Late Medieval France:Machines, Madness, Metaphor By Julie SingerAn exploration of the medieval mind as a machine, and how it might be affected and immobilised, in textual reactions to the madness of Charles VI of France. This book explores the innovative mix of organic and inorganic metaphors through which they explored the relationship between mind, body, and government at this period. Boydell & Brewer Empire's End: Transnational Connections in the Hispanic World Edited By Akiko TsuchiyaThe fall of the Spanish Empire: that period in the nineteenth century when it lost its colonies in Spanish America and the Philippines. How did it happen? What did the process of the "end of empire" look like? Empire's End considers the nation's imperial legacy beyond this period, all the way up to the present moment. In addition to scrutinizing the political, economic, and social implications of this "end," these chapters emphasize the cultural impact of this process through an analysis of a wide range of representations—literature, literary histories, periodical publications, scientific texts, national symbols, museums, architectural monuments, and tourist routes—that formed the basis of transnational connections and exchange.  Vanderbilt University Press Arguedas / Vargas Llosa: Dilemmas and Assemblages By Mabel MorañaA través de un análisis pormenorizado de la obra de los dos grandes autores peruanos, este libro se interna por las sinuosas rutas de la modernidad andina analizando modelos estético- ideológicos bien diferenciados y sin embargo, en algunos aspectos, también convergentes, de representación simbólica. Mediante un actualizado soporte teórico, este estudio elabora las nociones de arcaísmo, otredad y melodrama, deteniéndose agudamente en debates centrales en la historia literaria y cultural de América Latina en torno a los temas de la lengua, la función del intelectual y la vinculación entre política y cultura. En diálogo con la teoría postcolonial aunque fuertemente afincados en la historia cultural y política de nuestro tiempo, los dilemas y ensamblajes estudiados en esta obra constituyen una intervención crítica sugerente y provocadora, que dejará su huella. Iberoamericana Vervuert Boccaccio: A Critical Guide to the Complete Works Edited By Michael SherbergLong celebrated as one of “the Three Crowns” of Florence, Giovanni Boccaccio (1313–75) experimented widely with the forms of literature. His prolific and innovative writings—which range beyond the novella, from lyric to epic, from biography to mythography and geography, from pastoral and romance to invective—became powerful models for authors in Italy and across the Continent. This collection of essays presents Boccaccio’s life and creative output in its encyclopedic diversity.  University of Chicago Press Ignacio Infante By Ignacio InfanteTranslation—from both a theoretical and a practical point of view—articulates differing but interconnected modes of circulation in the work of writers originally from different geographical areas of transatlantic encounter, such as Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Caribbean. After Translation examines from a transnational perspective the various ways in which translation facilitates the circulation of modern poetry and poetics across the Atlantic.  Fordham University Press Intermitencias americanistas. Estudios y ensayos escogidos (2004-2010) By Ignacio Sánchez PradoEl estudio del americanismo es una tarea crítica siempre pendiente, en cuyo desarrollo descansa una comprensión plena de genealogías intelectuales de México y América Latina. Este libro recoge una serie de ensayos académicos y literarios de Ignacio M. sánchez Prado sobre el tema, publicados entre 2004 y 2010, muchos de los cuales se hacen accesibles en México por primera vez en este libro. Libros Unam Blindness and Therapy in Late Medieval French and Italian Poetry By Julie SingerAn examination of the ways in which late medieval lyric poetry can be seen to engage with contemporary medical theory. This book argues that late medieval love poets, from Petrarch to Machaut and Charles d'Orléans, exploit scientific models as a broad framework within which to redefine the limits of the lyric subject and his body.  Boydell & Brewer Everyday Reading: Print Culture and Collective Identity in the Rio de la Plata, 1780-1910 By William AcreeStarting in the late nineteenth century, the region of South America known as the Rio de la Plata (containing modern-day Uruguay and Argentina) boasted the highest literacy rates in Latin America. In Everyday Reading, William Acree explores the history, events, and culture that gave rise to the region's remarkable progress. With a specific focus on its print culture, in the form of newspapers, political advertisements and documents, schoolbooks, and even stamps and currency, Acree creates a portrait of a literary culture that permeated every aspect of life. Vanderbilt University Press The Governance of Friendship: Law and Gender in the Decameron By Michael SherbergThe Governance of Friendship: Law and Gender in the Decameron by Michael Sherberg addresses two related and heretofore unexamined problems in the pages of the Decameron: its theory of friendship and the legal theory embedded in it. Sherberg shows how Aristotle’s Ethics, as well as Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica, inform these two discourses, at the intersection of which Boccaccio locates the question of gender relations which is one of the book’s central concerns. Ohio State University Press Marginal Subjects: Gender and Deviance in Fin-de-siècle Spain By Akiko TsuchiyaLate nineteenth-century Spanish fiction is populated by adulteresses, prostitutes, seduced women, and emasculated men - indicating an almost obsessive interest in gender deviance. In Marginal Subjects, Akiko Tsuchiya shows how the figure of the deviant woman—and her counterpart, the feminized man - revealed the ambivalence of literary writers towards new methods of social control in Restoration Spain. University of Toronto Press The Lady Anatomist: The Life and Work of Anna Morandi Manzolini By Rebecca MessbargerAnna Morandi Manzolini (1714-74), a woman artist and scientist, surmounted meager origins and limited formal education to become one of the most acclaimed anatomical sculptors of the Enlightenment. The Lady Anatomist tells the story of her arresting life and times, in light of the intertwined histories of science, gender, and art that complicated her rise to fame in the eighteenth century. University of Chicago Press Cyborgs in Latin America By J. Andrew BrownCyborgs in Latin America explores the ways cultural expression in Latin America has grappled with the changing relationships between technology and human identity. Palgrave Macmillan Espectros y espejismos: Haití en el imaginario cubano By Elzbieta SklodowskaEspectros y espejismos Haití en el imaginario cubano Elzbieta Sklodowska. Este libro responde a un impulso de abordar los desencuentros cubano-haitianos desde una perspectiva predominantemente crítico-literaria, un tema aún no muy estudiado en el área de los estudios literarios y culturales. En términos metodológicos, Espectros y espejismos no se apoya, en modo alguno, en una sola aproximación. Mientras la autora va apelando a algunos conceptos específicos (lo abyecto de Julia Kristeva, la semiótica del miedo de Iuri Lotman, la heterología de Michel de Certeau, los lugares de memoria de Pierre Nora), siempre busca una alianza productiva entre la teoría y los textos primarios y trata de evitar el peligro de aprisionar la literatura en el lecho de Procusto de la rigidez teórica Iberoamericana Veruert Naciones intelectuales: Las fundaciones de la modernidad literaria mexicana (1917-1959) By Ignacio Sánchez PradoNaciones Intelectuales explores the processes and works that laid the foundations of a new literary modernity in the wake of the Mexican Revolution. It focuses on the period from the signing of the Constitution in 1917, to the death of Alfonso Reyes in 1959, and analyzes the four elements of Mexican cultural practices: the notion of literature, the figure of the intellectual, the creation of academic institutions, and the definition of national identity that emerged through the various debates held by leading figures of the period. The book analyzes different key moments, controversies, and cultural interventions, which ultimately led the diverse aesthetic spectrum created by the revolution into becoming a highly institutional system of literature. Purdue University Press Qui suis-je? Proust By Pascal IfriDevenu un mythe universellement reconnu. Marcel Proust est le plus grand romancier du XXe siècle. S'appuyant sur les connaissances apportées par la psychologie moderne, son monumental roman est le premier qui, au lieu de présenter l'histoire de personnages dans une société donnée, raconte l'aventure d'une conscience. A la recherche du temps perdu est aussi la somptueuse reconstitution d'une époque, un chef-d' oeuvre d'humour, une brillante étude philosophique et une réflexion magistrale sur le temps et sur l'art, le tout admirablement fusionné grâce à une vision et à un style superbes et uniques. Amazon Tables of Knowledge: Descartes in Vermeer's Studio By Harriet StoneDescartes believed that his analytic model applied to all fields of research and that all branches of science lead to truth. His many analogies with literature and art notwithstanding, Descartes offers an entry into knowledge that fails nevertheless to take into account how in the seventeenth century Dutch painters such as Vermeer similarly order a view of the world by concentrating on the properties of individual objects. Descartes's celebrated scientific method offers a protocol for conducting experiments; Harriet Stone argues that this method can also serve as a guide for classifying the findings obtained from experiments. Tables of Knowledge shows that Dutch genre paintings and still lifes enact in visual form a process of recording information similar to that of science, with intriguing results Cornell University Press Migración y frontera: experiencias culturales en la literatura peruana del siglo XX By Javier García-LiendoThe conflictive interaction between the imaginaries of border and migration can be thought of as an axis that enables the discussion of the historical tensions that marked the cultural experience of Peru during the 20th century. The imaginary of the border is shown not only as a territorial delimitation, but also as the historical production of a cultural separation that establishes differences and, at the same time, encourages forms of communication between opposing worlds (from coexistence and intercultural dialogue, to war and marginality or racism). The imaginary of migration concentrates, in addition to population displacements, the multidirectional flow of languages, words, ideas, representations and materialities. The critical essays gathered in this book explore different ways in which Peruvian literature has put these tensions into circulation during the 20th century, pointing out to the central role of migration's imaginary, as well as diverse linguistic, geographic and biopolitical borders. These set of essays offer a review of classic debates (modernism, regionalism, nation, indigenism, internal war) in dialogue with specific readings of authors and genres such as poetry, essays, novels and chronicles. 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